● The BMS-4040-RGD is equipped with 4 bearings differ from BMS-4040 bearings ● The rigidity was increased due to this change and it enables the shorter length and the same outer diameter while maintaining the performance

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  1. Brand Nakanishi
  2. Product Model BMS-4040-RGD
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  • BT19
ABOUT US Factory max was established in 1996. We have more than 20 years of experience being distributor supplying tools and equipment for industrial factory; Mold & Die industry, Automotive industry,...ABOUT US Factory max was established in 1996. We have more than 20 years of experience being distributor supplying tools and equipment for industrial factory; Mold & Die industry, Automotive industry, and other metal working industries. Our concept is to contribute the most benefits to customers. Apart from supplying the quality products, we also introduce the suitable technologies and applications for each customer, provide technical training, and work with customers to find out the higher productivity solutions. We are headquartered in Samutprakarn and has branch offices in Rayong and Nakornratchasima cover main industrial areas in Thailand. PRODUCTS • CUTTING TOOL o Moving the chip as fast as possible with the cheapest cost is our mission. We provide high technologies and practical tools in several applications such as mold&die, automotive part, aluminum part, electronics part, aerospace part, etc. o High quality of technologies and equipment around the world have been discovered to serve the most practical solution for customers. Our cost down program which has more than 50 engineers in the team can be trusted because of the cost saving success of hundreds customers. • METROLOGY o A wide range of high precision measuring equipment such as “Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)”, Gauge and Auto Gauge set can serve you “More Accuracy and More Productivity”. Additionally, the faster measuring is our mission to provide the high efficiency in production. • ARBOR & SPINDLE o Arbor is a part of machine which could affect the production quality; therefore, we select the most advance technology from many brands around the world such as the very precision collet technology, shrink-fit technology, hydraulic chuck technology, and many others patented technologies. Moreover, we also have the high-speed spindle which let customers have more competitiveness with less investment. • MACHINE TOOL, CLAMPING & PRESETTER o The quality consistency, productivity increasing, downtime/set up time reducing can be achieved by our world class and highest precision technology which are tool presetting, work holding and palletizing devices. The modular system can save the cost and interchange with perfect alignment. • ASSEMBLY TOOL o Whether you are assembling automobiles, dishwashers or wind turbines, every connection must be secure, reliable, and accurate. We provide manufacturers the assembly tools they need to sustain high volume, high quality assembly operations. The proof is in the performance. All our tightening components are guaranteed to have stability and longevity. • GRINDING, POLISHING & DEBURRING o The surface improvement solutions such as grinding, polishing, deburring are provided by the professional of each material such as Stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass, Cast iron, and Steel, which cover several kinds of products as stone, rubber, ceramics fiber, etc., Also the new trend to deburring in the machine or robot by using ceramics fiber with unique innovative process to produce many kinds of products such as brush, stick and stone. • LIGHTING & SUSTIANABLE ENERGY o LED is the lighting energy technology which helps you save the huge cost than using the fluorescent lighting or other old technologies. You will get the investment return quickly. We have many types and wide ranges of LED which cover the application for home use, industrial use, road, gas station, stadium and so on, which all products have been proved and certified by TIS. • METALWORKING FLUID o We have variety of Lube and Chemical products such as Lubricant, Coolant, Neat oil, Grease, Cleaner, Die release agent and plunger lube and more in over 100 different formulations from technologies around the world. We can also create custom formulations for highly specific applications. In addition, our products are thoroughly tested by our in-house laboratory for purity and consistency so that customers can have confidence in each product that we deliver. • POLLUTION CONTROL o Green industry has the main goal as friendly industrial environment. In order to make the world becomes more livable, there are several technologies to handle environmental problems such as Odor eliminator, Dust collector, Mist collector, Water treatment and so on. • WELDING o The complete mold maintenance solution includes high precision mold welding machine, polishing machine and tools, washing machine and technical support. In addition, an onsite mold repairing service is also available. • SMART FACTORY SOLUTIONS o We are moving forward into Industry 4.0 Era that needs to increase productivity by optimizing manufacturing process. Our intentions are to integrate Internet of Things (IoT) technology and software from leading manufacturers around the world, as well as applying into the existing manufacturing process to fulfill the full range of needs in manufacturing sector in Thailand. • AUTOMATION & CONTROL o Automation is one of keys to success. The issues of labor shortage...More

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