Product background:Legged robots have a disruptive potential for application in challenging man-made and natural terrains. In contrast to wheeled or tracked vehicles, legs provide a high degree of versatility in how they are deployed, offering marked advantages for operation in irregular environments. Designing and controlling machines to realize these potentials has long motivated work across the legged robotics community. Among them, the quadrupedal robots have recently shown impressive advancements in dynamic locomotion capabilities using various actuation methods and control strategies. It uses four feet to alternately touch-down. Through different numbers of grounded feet and foothold planning, it is possible to realize walking, running, climbing and other movement methods. Development status:Nowadays, a great deal of research aimed at developing and controlling quadrupedal quadrupedal robots has been presented . Quadrupedal robots with better performance, such as Spotmini and Anymal, have been tested in the fields of logistics, survey, inspection, military, and family, but not formed a batch of mature products. There is no details about technologies. In China, the research of quadrupedal robots is in the stage of laboratory prototype. The market of quadrupedal robots with remarkable mobility and robustness has not yet formed, but it is gradually improving. Technology Introduction: The robot has a total weight less than 40kg and a height of 600mm. The robot takes full elbow leg configuration and is designed with the modular concept. It has a total of 12 degrees of freedom and each leg has 3 degrees of freedom, including hip joint (leg abduction freedom), shoulder joint (thigh rotation freedom), knee joint (calf rotation freedom), which is actuated by the torque motor. The direct drive of the torque motor results in higher force control bandwidth and make it easier to achieve stable and reliable joint force control technology so that allows robust locomotion over highly unstructured and abrupt terrain changes such as slope, staircases. There are no external force or torque sensors on body or feet. We design a contact detection algorithm , unexpected collision with objects such as slope can be detected and used to modify the swing foot trajectories and balance strategy through the event-based gait scheduler, this reduce the mechanical complexity and control difficulty of whole robot system . The low inertia legs ensure fast swing frequency to make robot move quickly. We reserved multi-peripheral interface, users can add various sensors such as laser and vision to carry out secondary development according to their own requirements.

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  1. Brand SIASUN
  2. Product Model XIAOTIAN
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SIASUN is a high-tech listed enterprise belonging to Chinese Academy of Sciences, which takes robotic technology as the core and focuses on providing intelligent products & services. It is TOP 10 lead...SIASUN is a high-tech listed enterprise belonging to Chinese Academy of Sciences, which takes robotic technology as the core and focuses on providing intelligent products & services. It is TOP 10 leading enterprise in Chinese robotic industry, who has the most comprehensive robotic products line in the world. As the largest robot industrial base in China, SIASUN was established in the year of 2000. Its group HQ locates in Shenyang, international HQ locates in Shanghai and finance HQ locates in Beijing. With industrial parks established in Shenyang, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Qingdao, SIASUN has complete its national R&D and service network, which covers six major regions around China. In the meantime, SIASUN started to explore global market-branches are setup in Chinese Hong Kong and Singapore. The whole group has more than 4,000 R&D talents, and has formed a whole industrial value chain consists of core technologies, core components, leading products and industry solutions. At present, SIASUN market value is the 3rd in robotic industry globally, who has the fastest rate of growth.More

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