Save Time with OPT-SCOPE from ACCRETECH
The OPT-SCOPE from ACCRETECH (THAILAND) CO., LTD. offers a high resolution and can be used for a wide range of applications. It helps provide swift 3D evaluation of workpieces in the whole surface with reduced time.

Ensure Forming Quality with AIDA NC1-1500
The AIDA NC1-1500 from AIDA (THAILAND) CO., LTD. is equipped with AIDA’s own patented hydraulic overload protector, which reacts within 0.01 seconds to protect dies and presses from overload. The specially designed frame with high rigidity can reduce deflection, ensuring forming quality.

Cutting of Thin of Thick Materials on Single Machine with AMADA’s ENSIS 3015 AJ
The ENSIS-3015AJ from AMADA (THAILAND) CO., LTD. is equipped with AMADA’s own developed fiber laser oscillator and the latest unique beam control technology for maximizing energy efficiency, while supporting higher efficiency in v-mix v-lot production. Guaranteed by MM Award in EuroBLECH 2014.

Shorten Production Time with ANCA MANUFACTURING’s CPX Linear
First time in Asia Pacific with the debut of CPX Linear which can grind two workpieces at the same time, achieving a surface finish better than 0.2 Ra. It is also the world’s first machine of its kind to use Linear Motor and fully compatible with industry 4.0 from ANCA MANUFACTURING (THAILAND) LTD.

Keep Low Operation Cost, Make Fat Profit with ATLAS COPCO ZS 18-45 Oil-Free Rotary Screw Blower
The most innovative and advanced screw blower in the market that built around the proven Atlas Copco oil-free patented asymmetrical rotor profile, the ZS 18-45 Oil-Free Rotary Screw Blower ATLAS COPCO (THAILAND) LTD. will provide unrivalled energy savings and maximum reliability.

Meet the JINGDIAO JDGR400 from BEIJING JINGDIAO GROUP CO., LTD. With its specialized closed loop 5-axis high-speed machining center, it is suitable for complex multi-axis machining of a variety of molds with nano surface finish.

BOSSARD’s Smart Factory Logistics is Your Key to Smooth C-Parts Management
The Smart Factory Logistics from BOSSARD (THAILAND) LIMITED offers innovative systems and custom solutions by bringing IoT to your factory and facilitate machine-to-machine communication, so you can focus on your core competence while we make your C-parts management leaner and more transparent.

Be Prepared for the Measurement Requirements of Tomorrow with ZEISS CONTURA
First time in Asia and industry 4.0 supported! ZEISS CONTURA from CARL ZEISS CO., LTD. is a new generation of measuring machine equipped with the multi-application sensor system and common interface that offer first-class performance, ergonomics and future security.

Intelligent Quality Cutting with Penta Laser High Power Laser Cutting Machine
Penta Laser SWING II 4020 from CNC FAR EAST MACHINERY CO., LTD. offers remote monitoring management system based on cloud platform. It also guarantees long-life machine precision, excellent dynamic performance and 20-40% efficiency improvement from machines in the same class.

DMG Reveals CMX 50 U for the First Time in Asia!
Be prepared to meet DMG MORI (THAILAND) CO., LTD.’s Asia debut of the CMX 50 U which offers the highest technological performance. This is your powerful and flexible 5-sided machining solution for complexed parts and a huge table with ø 630 x 500 mm for machining of parts up to 200 kg.

FRONIUS (THAILAND) LTD.’s TPS/I TWIN Push high performance welding system is not only more compact, easier to use, and network capable, it also integrates enhancements to the welding process which results in higher welding speed and increased efficiency.

Add Value to Production with Laser Color Marking Machine from Future Vision
Add value to your production especially to up-and-coming materials such as titanium coated stainless through changing the metal’s molecules with laser with a Laser Color Marking Machine from FUTURE VISION ASSOCIATE CO., LTD.

Get the Best Value with HAAS VF Series from MACHINE TECH
The industry-leading Haas VF Series vertical machining centers have special configurations. They offer the best-value, high-performance machine tools available today with the trusted made in USA quality from MACHINE TECH CO., LTD.

Meet High-End Shrink Station in HAIMER’s Power Clamp Premium i4.0
The Power Clamp Premium i4.0 from HAIMER ASIA PACIFIC LTD is an ergonomic high-end shrink station in premium quality industry design. Its intelligent cooling system with temperature control will assure a fast and safe shrinking process.

PartInspect L: Turney Automated Inspection Power from HEXAGON
Step into the world of smart manufacturing with OPTICAL CAMERA-BASED 3D METROLOGY PARTINSPECT L which is driven by the power of AICON Scanner from HEXAGON MANUFACTURING INTELLIGENCE to deliver high speed and precision measurement.

YCM DZ CONNECT offers the Road to Intelligent Production
HSM MACHINERY CO., LTD. is introducing “DZ Connect” intelligent IOT platform from YCM for the first time in Thailand. It is an intelligent production management system that links all equipment in the factory for data collection and analysis that can be monitored anywhere. Great for production optimization and maximum efficiency.

Semiautomatic Solution for Shield Processing with Lambda 240 SP from KOMAX
The Lambda 240 SP from KOMAX DISTRIBUTION (THAILAND) CO., LTD. is a semiautomatic processing machine designed for shield cutting and folding of high voltage cables used in the field of e-mobility.

Step into the Future with Farley LaserLab's GF3015Plus from KRASSTEC
Farley LaserLab's GF3015Plus from KRASSTEC CO., LTD. is an energy-saving Fiber Laser Cutting Machine that adopts a gantry-motion structure, linear guide and screw drive, AC servo motor and drives, dual-side fume extraction system that delivers high performance laser cutting quality.

High Quality Electro Hydraulic Synchronous Press Break from LEAD SUN
LEAD SUN CO., LTD. is proud to present ZHENGTAL WE 67 K Series Electro Hydraulic Synchronous Press Break, a CNC bender controlled by Numerical Control System Wonder E 80T

Introducing the New Dimension of Bending Machine from LVD
Be amazed by the latest metal bending technology with the smart, highly accurate integration of advanced technology and software from Belgium in the Easy-Form® Series 9, 135/30 LVD Pressbrake from LVD (THAILAND) LTD.

Accurate Tapping with AMS DTC 400XL from MACHINERY EMPORIUM
Built to take care of cutting forces, cushioning high speed and accurate tapping. The AMS CNC Drill Tap Machining Center DTC 400XL from MACHINERY EMPORIUM (1995) CO., LTD. is equipped with roller type LM guideways for delivering better rigidity and superior performance.

MAKINO’s EDGE3i Offers Uniform Quality, User-Friendliness and Excellent Efficiency
The EDGE3i from MAKINO (THAILAND) CO., LTD. incorporates Makino’s new Hyper I control which revolutionizes the interface between the operator and the machine. It brings a completely new level of user-friendliness, operator comfort, and efficiency to the shop floor.

Meet All Production Requirements with MAZAK Horizontal CNC Lathe Quick Turn 200 + Robotic
Get the powerful, high-rigidity machine for long, large diameter workpieces specifications from Quick Turn 200 + Robotic from MAZAK (THAILAND) CO., LTD. Designed to completely meet your production requirements in turning, milling, Y-axis, and second spindle with ease of operation through MAZATROL SmoothC technology.

The World’s 1st Laser with AI: MITSUBISHI GX-F Series
Meet the first debut in ASEAN! MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC AUTOMATION (THAILAND) CO., LTD.’s all new Fiber Laser GX-F Series is equipped with Fiber Laser Oscillator, and the latest technology of AI Assistant to monitor work processes and prevent malfunctions of the machine through sound frequency, the first time in the world for the machine to employs this system.

Your Solution to Precise Shop Floor Measurement: MITUTOYO MiSTAR 555
Designed for use on any size shop floor, the MiSTAR 555 CMM from MITUTOYO (THAILAND) CO., LTD. delivers the toughest shop floor operating condition capabilities and precision measurements with easy usability, unprecedented versatility and a space-saving design to measure almost anywhere for anyone.

The Smallest 5-axis CNC Grinding Machine: SCHNEEBERGER ARIES NGP
Meet the latest model of SCHNEEBERGER ARIES NGP, a CNC tool grinding machine for maximum flexibility thanks to innovative 5-axis concept. Ideal for the re-sharpening of universal cutting tools, as well as the production of small series by MUNGER MACHINE TOOL PTE LTD.

Meet Amazing New Solution to Production Challenges with OKUMA’s New ARMROID
First time in ASEAN! OKUMA TECHNO (THAILAND) LTD. will debut the new generation of ARMROID Robot system. The ARMROID is easy to install without the need to teach the robot, helps streamline the process and significantly reduces production time.

Meet Top-of-the-Line 3D Printer MarkForged Industrial Series by PALAWATR AUTOMATION
Get the strength you need with reliable performance with the MarkForged Industrial Series by PALAWATR AUTOMATION CO., LTD. which delivers breakthrough quality and precision in 3D printing.

PROCUREMENT CENTRE (THAILAND) CO., LTD. is proud to present high power fiber laser cutting machine GLORY STAR GS-3015CE with maximum power up to 10000 W and automatic exchange table for perfect precision.

Cut High Reflection Materials with Ease with REFINEMENT’s CMA1530C-G-D
Continuously cut high reflection materials such as red copper, brass, galvanized sheet and many others with high quality IPG laser generator and servo motor from Germany in CMA1530C-G-D from REFINEMENT MACHINERY CO., LTD.

Gain Higher Accuracy with Seibu M50B Wire EDM by RYU TECHNOLOGY
Take your accuracy to the higher step with Seibu M50B Wire EDM by RYU TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. to reduce production costs, increase productivity and profit with its easy to operate and smart NC making it suitable for a variety of industrial use.

GF AgieCharmilles Laser P 400
Experience the future that is here and now of metalworking technologies with GF AgieCharmilles Laser P 400 from Sahamit Machinery Public Company Limited. This one-of-a-kind laser engraving, texturing and marking solution combines outstanding quality, efficiency, and femtosecond laser technology in the smallest possible footprint. It is specifically designed for aesthetic and functional texturing of precision parts for watches and jewelry, small inserts, cutting tools and Mold Parts with micro machined work pieces.

Test Hardness Everywhere in Production Department with AFFRI® RSDMAG
Perform hardness tests on very bulky samples directly in the production department with the AFFRI®RSD Mag, the digital portable hardness tester with a manual drive for an automatic test cycle with hardness direct reading from SCICRON TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.

SIAM ANANKIT will Offer Flexible and Practical Waterjet Solution in The Mach 200-3020
Elevate your expectations with Mach 200-3020 which is specifically engineered to deliver value, reliability, and performance. The system is purposefully crafted to be a practical and flexible waterjet solution, featuring tried and true genuine Flow technology from SIAM ANANKIT LTD., PART.

High Speed MECATRON VMC-855 Machining Center from SIAM ELMATECH for Your Production Line
Achieve high-speed application in your production line with MECATRON VMC-855 CNC Vertical Machining Center from SIAM ELMATECH CO., LTD. provided by M80A Mitsubishi CNC Control & Direct Drive 15000 rpm Ceramic Bearings.

Clean Workpiece Effectively with SUGINO’s EVADRY
No more worries about cleaning workpieces with EVADRY compact vacuum dryer from SUGINO MACHINE (THAILAND) LIMITED. It evaporates remaining water from a workpiece after washing by utilizing vacuum and is very effective on deep/complex internal structures.

Digitize Your Production Line with P1 by SUMIPOL’s Smart Quality Control
With Smart Quality Control from P1 AUTOMATION LIMITED, part of the SUMIPOL GROUP, industrialists will be able to achieve Advanced Process Control (APC) and Digital Quality Management through automation system integration, robotics, and IIoT.

TAKAMAZ’s Flagship CNC Model Evolves Further with XT-6/XT-6M
TAKAMAZ’s Flagship CNC Model from TAKAMATSU MACHINERY (THAILAND) CO., LTD. has evolved further with enhanced speed and has IoT Technology installed for the batch monitor and centralized operation. The thermal displacement compensation system also help maintain stable cutting accuracy.

Complete machining of front and rear processes in one with TAKISAWA’s TS-3000YS
TAKISAWA (THAILAND) CO., LTD.’s Combined Machining CNC Lathe model TS-3000YS flexibly corresponds to variable-kind variable-lot workpieces for a variety of industries. With the right and left two spindles, it can complete machining of front and rear processes all in one.

New generation of Turning Center EX-2000MS from TAKISAWA TECH ASIA
The new high-performance Turning Center EX-2000 Series from TAKISAWA TECH ASIA CO., LTD. has a variety of configurations, sub-spindle, servo tailstock and Y-axis to choose from. The box type bed with cooling runner provides optimal thermal displacement inhibition.

Discover the Future in Waterjet Cutting Technology with The Quantum Electro Servo Pump from TECHNI WATERJET
The Quantum Electro Servo Pump from TECHNI WATERJET THAILAND CO., LTD. is the most efficient waterjet pump, up to 60% more efficient than standard hydraulic intensifiers with the lowest cooling water requirement, most quiet noise and smallest footprint.

Complete Machining of Carbide Tools with VOLLMER Vgrind 360 from THAISAKOL
With the introduction of the VGrind 360 grinding machine, VOLLMER has launched a five-axis grinding machine for the production of carbide tools up to 100 mm in diameter – in conjunction with multi-layer machining that THAISAKOL GROUP CO., LTD. will bring to introduce for the first time in Thailand at METALEX 2019.

Reliable High Quality Laser Saber LS3015-1500RC from THERMAL
Get the reliable high quality of laser cutting machine designed and manufactured in Thailand with the highest standards. Highly durable, fast and precise. Complete with excellent after-sales service from THERMAL MECHANICS CO., LTD.

Reduce Cutting Time and Cost with TOPGAS’s Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Here comes TOPGAS C&W CO., LTD.’s Open Type CNC Dual Drive Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with dedicated software for graphic or test to instantly designed or processed. The imported fiber laser generator provides high-quality laser beam and a long-term stability and accuracy.

Achieve Big Smart Material Workpieces with FH630SX-5A from TOYODA
TOYODA MACHINERY S.E. ASIA CO., LTD. is proud to introduce FH630SX-5A – the 5-axis Horizontal Machining Center with a powerful spindle that allows for the production of difficult-to-cut materials such as aluminum and titanium with ease.

Achieve High Quality in laser cutting with TruLaser 3030 fiber
The TruLaser 3030 fiber from TRUMPF LIMITED is the fast machines for all your cutting tasks. The TruDisk solid-state laser enables the processing of non-ferrous metals with a productivity benefit in thick and thin sheet. BrightLine fiber guarantees the highest edge quality and facilitates part removal.

With Fine Pulse Technology, the Helitronic Power Diamond 400 from WALTER EWAG ASIA PACIFIC PTE LTD is a high performance rotary eroding and grinding machine with grinding wheel/electrode changer as standard, which is at the forefront for surface quality and precision in a wide range of materials.

Deburr to Perfection with LANUS LSP-L8OO By WONGTANAWOOT
WONGTANAWOOT CO., LTD. is proud to present the LANUS LSP-L800 which comes with customized configuration for your deburring and polishing needs. Ideal for quality enhancing to increase your competitiveness with Rotary Grinding technology that can polish the workpiece of 600-1300 mm in width and up to 100 mm in height.

User-Friendly Automatic CNC Machine with Korean Government Support
G-MAN7 Smart Worker from YJSMT THAI is an Automatic CNC Machining Center for graphite electrode that can be used easily. Purchaser will also receive support from the Korean Government both with the technology and finance for a certain period of time.

A Vertical Machining Center for Every Need: KASUGA V70X
The KASUGA V70X is a high performance vertical machining center from the Taiwan brand KASUGA. Represented by Y.M.C. MACHINERY CO., LTD., the V70X is ideal for machining automotive parts, machinery parts, parts used on 3D hardware, parts used in aerospace industry, molds, parts for watches, and many more.

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