20-23 November 2024

Unlock the Future of Metalworking Industry with Innovative Machinery


In an age of rapid technological advancement, the metalworking industry has also felt the impact of this shift. Machinery has always been considered the heart of the metalworking processes, and they have evolved to become even more complex, efficient, and more innovative than ever.



The heart of any metalworking production is the machinery. These mechanical marvels are incredible as they can forge, cut, bend, and shape raw materials into the products that drive the advancement of our world. With ever-progressive technologies and innovations that continuously widen the horizon of production capabilities, it is undeniable that the metalworking industry is the beneficiary of the improved accuracy, efficiency, material utilization and overall competitiveness. At the same time, sustainability and cost savings are achieved. Meanwhile, the advanced data integration and analysis help industrialists gain competitive advantages over their competitors. This is because many modern machines are equipped with sensors that collect information about the machining process and can be used for real-time monitoring, quality control, and efficiency improvement in general.



One of the noteworthy innovations is Adaptive Machining, a feature that uses real-time feedback and sensor data to adjust cutting parameters during the machining process. This allows for automatic compensation of tool wear, work piece variation and other factors, ensuring consistent gear quality and reducing the risk of defects.


Therefore, procuring the latest mechanical technology that suits the organization's goals and strategies is essential for entrepreneurs aiming to move forward in the ever-evolving metalworking industry. However, amid the flow of information and rapid changes in technology, more tactics may be required to stay on top of all the changes such as joining industry-specific trade exhibitions that showcase the latest machinery, innovations, and technologies for metalworking. One such event ready to serve metalworking industrialists in Thailand and ASEAN is METALEX, the 38th edition of the number-one machine tools and metalworking exhibition serving ASEAN which will be organized in November this year.



METALEX 2024 is organized as a platform to showcase innovative machinery and state-of-the-art technologies in the metalworking industry from leading manufacturers and suppliers from across ASEAN and around the world. Participants will be able to explore cutting-edge production technologies and expand business opportunities through new networks consisting of industry experts, engineers, and industrial peers. In sum, METALEX 2024 will offer the perfect platform to build relationships and collaborate on a grand scale to truly shape the future of metalworking production.


Participants of the event will have the opportunity to see the exciting combination of machines and technologies first-hand. Imagine a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine that can create complex designs with micron precision, 3D printing machines that can create complex components layer by layer and automated robots that help automate production processes. These developments not only increase productivity but also efficiency. It also opens the door to endless possibilities for designing and prototyping new metalworking products.



At this event, visitors will gain a real experience through practical knowledge obtained from machinery live demonstrations and direct interaction with the machinery developers/ knowledgeable agents who can help them explore how these machines can be beneficial to their businesses. In addition, there will be concurrent seminars and workshops organized by metalworking industry experts to provide insights into the latest trends, best practices, and useful strategies for industrialists to seamlessly integrate advanced machinery into their operations without disruptions.


Get ready to be inspired by the future of metalworking productivity at METALEX 2024 and mark your calendar to be a part of the change that will shape the direction of this industry. RX Tradex, the organizer, is committed to unlocking new possibilities along with you to move towards a brighter future together. See you from 20-23 November 2024 at BITEC, Bangkok!