18-21 November 2020

METALEX | No. 1 Machine Tools & Metalworking Exhibition Serving ASEAN – 34th Edition


WFH day in and day out alone in your room can become a bore. Staring into the screen seeing your colleagues getting stuck in weird angles because of unreliable wifi connection can get old. Let’s make video calls fun again the way it was one month ago when we newly started out as WFH-ers. Here are five things you can change to add life to your screen.  


Working from home (WFH) may unavoidably make you sedentary. It is crucial to be mindful of how to keep yourself healthy physically and mentally. And these are five things you should not forget to do in order to sustain your wellness in this difficult time. 

Social Distancing Bringing Us Closer

The difficult time has forced many of us to have started working at home and elderly over the age of 70 being advised to stay indoors. Some may find it isolating when they’re refrained from commuting and social gatherings. But working and staying at home not only protects our health, it also gives us more time to spend with our loved ones especially our elders. Although we have to focus on work, our parents definitely feel less lonely, without the usual commute, we would have time to talk, do chores, or perform favorite activities together.

There is a silver lining in the midst of this dark time. The so-called Social Distancing allows us to reflect on how we live our lives. It slows us down and allows us to spend more time with the ones we love. So, let’s make the best of it. We, at METALEX team, hope you stay safe and enjoy your slower life and look forward to getting physically closer to you all again soon.


METALEX”  is open to trade visitors only. Please dress in business attire. Those wearing shorts and/or sandals and minors under the age of 15 will not be permitted into the exhibition hall. The organizer reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone without cause or explanation.